Frickin' people and their frickin' "you're pregnant!" comments

We are childless by choice.  I am open about this decision, but on terms that *I* choose, and not because I'm forced into talking about it because of stupid ass people who make stupid ass comments.  I made a post today about stinky people at my office.  The person who handles our international transactions at our bank responds: "Or maybe your nose is sensitive for some other reason!"

Really?  Because clearly the answer here is that I'm pregnant and NOT that there are actually smelly people at the office?  Pisses me off. 

So, now I'm trying to figure out how to politely tell her to go fuuck herself, but wondering if I even should, considering that she-- you know-- handles our finances.  All I responded so far is, "Why do I have to be pregnant? H and I don't want children." to which she responded "I said the same thing until 10 years ago."

Which has made me antsy to verbally slap her.
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