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Vendors I used

My wedding is done! Here is a summary of how things went for us with our vendors.

People you simply must use:

Housing Works as a venue. Wow, oh, wow, they were wonderful. So far above and beyond the call of duty. Everything was elegant and organized.

Chris Williams Music. Lovely music, great people. Loved talking to them and listening. Spot on.

New York Limosine. $100 an hour, no hidden fees. Great driver. WONDERFUL trip around NY for pictures--his suggestion was our most beautiful post-wedding photo of all.

Vendors who did their job.

Leora Edut for makeup. ($200) She managed to fix my hair too! (See Dop Dop below.) Make up was fine, and she was very nice.

Sugar Coated Bakery in Brooklyn. Cake was okay, not extraordinary. Would have been nice to tell us the top layer was fondant over cardboard as we sawed that sucker for several hilarious minutes before realizing it couldn't be cut. ($500 plus delivery.)

I can't recommend:

Dop Dop Salon for my updo. $250 and it fell within two hours. SO UPSETTING. Had to get it fixed before I even got dressed.

Anoek Inbar as officiant. She was the worst nightmare possible, forgetting to sign the documents, blaming us for them not being signed. Saying the wrong name repeately. The first two days of my honeymoon were spent trying to fix her mistakes, and she kindly told me I was overreacting to my marriage not being legal. Avoid.

Re: Vendors I used

  • Thank you for the advice! I was looking for a limo company that was a good price per hour!! And so sorry about your officiant! what a total nightmare!!!!
  • Oh in fact.. what is New York Limosines website?? Thank you!
  • New York Limosine:

    I got a 10-passenger one for three hours (I had them come at the end rather than wait for the whole four hours.) The base rate is $70 an hour, and by the time you added taxes, fees and gratuity, it was exactly $103 an hour.

    FABULOUS limo. Wonderful driver. Here was the picture that was HIS idea (our photographer/videographer team was not from New York. We flew them in, so the driver was a BIG help as we drove around after the wedding taking pictures). This is Columbus Circle just outside Central Park.
  • Wow what a beautiful photo!! Thanks for the website!
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