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Wedding Locale Dilemma

Well. My city board is basically dead, so I'll ask this question here! We have a wedding location dilemma. We, along with the majority of fam and friends, live in a city about 1 to 1.5 hrs away from the vineyard we are considering for our wedding. We like it for for its natural beauty and slight destination feel, but wonder if we should choose something more local for its convenience to our guests. All of our guests would have to make the drive out to this vineyard for the wedding and likely pay for a hotel room. That is giving us hesitation because we feel like we'd be putting them out. Are we being overly worried?  Do people figure getting a room for the night is normal or even preferable to driving home after a wedding? TIA!

**the ceremony site and reception site would be one and the same, so no extra driving**
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