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Holy cow. Talk about coincidence! (AW)

I complain about my pro pics tonight in the lurker thread and DH just called and our pics are ready! We go tomorrow to pick which ones to put on her site and get our disks. Yay!

Re: Holy cow. Talk about coincidence! (AW)

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    Hip hip hooray!  Can't wait to see!
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    WOO HOO!!!

    Oh, and Hi BTW :)
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    Hi kdc! How was the honeymoon??

    She called DH earlier today, so if she does lurk, she's still badass and a bit psychic! :) I'm excited to see them, but at the same time I dread seeing so many pics of myself. I HATE photos of myself. I'll probably make it through the first 10 or so and then tell her they are all good and just run.
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    And zomg, we're on at the same time!
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    Bec, stop fishing for compliments - you know we're all gong to tell you how GORGEOUS you are :)

    Honeymoon was great! I never want to be on a plane that long ever again, but other than that it was amazing. We got to pet koalas, wallabies, and kangaroos, and went snorkelling on the reef. I should find some pics to share and try and post a few when I get a chance!
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    Oh, thank you champagne. I've always been that way. I hate seeing photos of myself. I'm always the one taking the pictures so that I don't have to be in any of them. I knew I had to suck it up for the wedding day, so I did. Still doesn't mean I want to spend hours looking at them. They are for our parents, mostly. My dad has asked about those photos every 3 days on schedule since the wedding. HE's the cute one!
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    kdc, that's awesome! I want to see pics ASAP!

    I think I'm a fairly attractive girl, and I wasn't fishing for compliments. I just know I'm not very photogenic. I'm ok with that, but I don't want to sit around looking at pics of myself. I'll have the first wedding album without a bride!
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    This post totally deserves this:


    And you look like a damn movie star in your snapshot wedding photos, the pro pictures are going to be off the chain.
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