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Interesting email from my brother

I just got this email from my brother, and it touched my heart. I thought I'd share, removing some identifying details.

Had an impromptu moment this morning I wanted to share.  I had to go to xxx County to record a deed.  Its about 25 miles down I-85 from xxx (city).  On my way back, I was passed by a hearse from South Carolina.  As it passed, I could see the casket with the flag draped over the top.  My assumption was that someone was headed to Arlington.  Then, a white rental sedan passed behind the hearse with a man in dress uniform on.  I could not tell what branch of service as they were moving at a pretty good clip.  So, to show my respect I slid in behind the sedan who was pretty clearly escorting the soldier home and turned my lights on until I got back to xxx (city).

This is a guy whose son saw a bronze sculpture of a kid saluting, and saluted back.

Of course the end of the email talked about seeing a dog who was flailing on the side of the road, and when he pulled over to see if the dog was hurt, the dog got up annoyed at him because he'd been rolling on a dead possum (this was prior to the hearse incident).
Do not mess in the affairs of dinosaurs because you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
I love you Missy. Even though you are not smart enough to take online quizzes to find out really important information. ~cew
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