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Wedding party drama

I'm stressing out. On the bridesmaids side, I picked my four bridesmaids in December (our wedding is October). We all went bridesmaid dress shopping in April, and I told them to pick out whatever they like/can afford from David's Bridal in the specific color and length. I tried to be as accommodating as possible. They all paid up front and were told the dresses would be in in about a month. Only one girl wouldn't be here, but said her mom would get it. Two of the girls picked up their dresses just fine. The one out of town and another one did not. They still have not gotten their dresses and I have no idea how David's Bridal is going to handle girls that seemingly go MIA after ordering a dress. I told them to hurry up and get them but never heard any more. 

On the groomsmens side, one dropped out due to not being willing to pay for the suit. Mind you, we just said a charcoal suit, white shirt, dark red tie, and charcoal vest. Nothing too fancy, and something i've seen at varying prices. We also told the groomsmen of what we wanted in  December. This particular groomsman waited until 3 weeks ago to tell us he "won't buy a suit he'll only wear once". Don't even get me started. On top of this, my FI has had a hard time with the groomsmen because he wanted his brother to be his best man but now he's getting deployed in September and his best friend is potentially getting deployed as well. 

Both my FI and I are really trying to make this easy on them, because we get they all have limited time and incomes (all being in college). However, the two situations I just mentioned make it hard to be patient. I don't know what kind of answer I'm looking for. I guess advice would be appreciated. It just feels good to get it out to wonderful ladies who understand all this wedding stress, haha.
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