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Strange Behavior...

I consider myself to be a very non-PDA kind of person in general, and this past holiday season my future sister-in-law made a huge hairy deal about how my fiancee is always "touching my hair" or how we "hold hands under the dinner table" and apparently she is grossed out by this. OK, I can dig it, and we tried to keep things to a minimum when she was around, but it's not like we make out or are all hugging up on eachother in public.
 That being said, when we got engaged a few months ago, she was suddenly VERY interested in being somehow involved with the wedding. She went so far as to tell my fiancee that she knows we're "not super close or anything" and she understands if I don't ask her to be a bridesmaid, but if we "want her to be an usher or something" she's willing to help us however she can.

What does one even say to someone like that? How do I handle this situation without creating a scene?
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