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Hi ladies,

My fiance and I booked a priest named Father Bernard for our wedding next year, as we wanted to have a Catholic ceremony but I wasn't baptized or confirmed in the church. We saw him recommended on another wedding site and we spoke with him on the phone, but I don't know if we're going to be able to meet him before the ceremony. Has anyone worked with him or attended a wedding where he was the officiant? Any feedback would be helpful.

Thank you!

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    Where is he a priest? which parish?
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    He isn't associated with a specific parish, but he's a member of the International Council of Community Churches.

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    [QUOTE]Where is he a priest? which parish?
    Posted by Mbecker912[/QUOTE]
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    Is he a Roman Catholic priest? Where is the ceremony going to be? Have you asked him if it is going to be recognized by the RC church as a sacrament?
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    Hi, I booked the same priest. We were wondering how it worked out for you! Please let us know. Your feedback would be helpful.
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    Hi, apologies for the delayed response. My wedding isn't until October but we are considering trying to find another officiant (realizing it may be too late for that!). I have reached out repeatedly to schedule a meeting but he has supposedly been out of town and is not available to meet with us prior to the ceremony, which makes me very uncomfortable. If we are able to find another officiant who is available we may forfeit the deposit in order to have someone we can sit down with in advance. 
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