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Question for New Yorkers!!!!

Hello Ladies,
  I'm a Palm Beach, Florida bride and I had a question for you.
I've always wanted to visit NYC. Me and my FI are planning our HM for NYC. How much do you think would be a reasonable amount to spend on our HM in NYC for 8-10 days? We will be visiting in late October and we wanna do all the sightseeing and go to some restaurants and a show or two. How is the weather in late October? I was born and raised in FL, so I would not be used to the cold at all.
Have any of you heard of the New York Pass? It's a pass where you spend like $125 for a 7 day pass and that gets you into all the museums without having to pay everytime you go. Just wondering if it's for real. One more question.... SORRY for all the questions. What hotels do you recommend in the city? I know the hotel rooms run small in NYC, I just want something that is clean and comfortable and not too pricey. Thank you a million times for your help. Any answers would be appreciated.

Re: Question for New Yorkers!!!!

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    In Manhattan, Hotels can run anywhere from $150 - $1K+, but these will do just fine, so figure about $2,000 for the Hotel Stay:
    --Hotel Stay, $220 per night (approximately) - Marriott/Sheraton/Hilton
    --Hotel Stay, $160 per night (approximately) - Holiday Inn Express
    Figure about $5 pp Breakfast per day, $100 / Lunch about $10 per day, $200 / Dinner (figure you spend most of the money here on something a bit special), $50 pp per day, $1,000.
    Then, with all the admittances, tours, etc - expect to spend at least $500 for the two of you.

    So you're looking at about $3,500+ for two people for 10 days in NYC for a honeymoon.  You could certainly do it a lot cheaper, but this is based on the above.

    The one thing about the weather here is that it's completely unpredictable.  The last two Octoboers/Novembers have been a bit mild with temperatures in the 50's to 60's, however, it can drop down to the 40's, so bring clothes to layer and you'll be fine!
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    Thank you so much Christine!!!! You are a big help.
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    I think 8-10 days could be too much time here.  Could you narrow down what you want to do in terms of tours/museums and figure that out?

    If you are big museum person, that pass is good, and you really could do 8-10 days.  The Met on it's own is one day, as is the Museum of Natural history.  It is very hard to go to those museums just for a few hours. 

    If you want to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, that's also a good chunk of time...Ellis Island has an amazing museum.

    Also by October of next year, the 9/11 memorial/museum should be ready as it's the 10th anniversary. 

    So maybe 8 days is doable.    I would also revise meal pricing above.  If you are a fast food/street vendor person, you're fine.  But if you would rather stick to sitting down for lunch, expect to pay much more. Even chains are more expensive what you pay $12.99 for at your Fridays at home may be $17.99 here.

    Hope that helps.
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    We get this question a lot on the NYC Nest board.  Here's our sticky with some suggestions:
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    It depends on what your budget is. Of course we have some expensive hotels here but there are also apt's that you can find for rent for a pretty reasonable price. You can rent a small apt in the West Village for about $220 per night, but if you don't mind spending $300+ and being in midtown that's ok also.

    Depending on what you want to see look online for when the best time to go. For instance, if you go to the MOMA on Friday's it's free, you can get tickets to see a broadway show the same day for half the price from either 34th St or the South St Seaport (there are 2 booths that sell same day tickets for half off). It kind of saves you on money so you can do much more. Splurge on the restaurants, NY is known for the great food, also BK has amazing restaurants.

    In october/november I agree with the above, the weather is completely unpredictable but the temps are usually cool - cold, and for you Floridians it may feel colder so just check a few weeks before and you can get an idea of the weather.
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    $125 sounds a lot for that pass. Many museums have "suggested admission" including the Met so you can pay a dollar if you want and still get in-that is what I do. MOMA is free on Friday and there other deals from other museums.

    there several hotels for 150 if you look. Just read reviews cause some NYC hotels are the nastiest places that I have seen-I traveled to 3rd world countries and found better hotels. Not just small but rodent infected even in the larger hotels.

    You can get same day tickets to any show for half price at South Street Seaport and Times square. Also you can go to the theater in the morning and put your name in for the daily drawing and get very, very cheap (maybe even free) front row seats. Call the theater before hand to see if they will do it.

    By taking the subway instead of taxis it'll save you tons. Buy a weekly pass and it'll be unlimited traveling for that week.

    To eat stay away from the big touristy areas and food can be really delicious and cheap. My favorite meal in manhattan is $2 falafels in the west village.  Don't eat at chains.  Don't eat Italian in Little italy or at a chain in Times Square. We much better than that :)

    I grew up in NYC so sometimes it is hard to see things from a non-new yorker perspective so if I don't make any sense of if you have any questions just ask.

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