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Blackberry OS Update Question

Has anyone here with a Blackberry installed the newest update yet?  It's version  I updated my Tour 3 days ago and it's awful.  The new OS drains my battery.  I'll charge my phone all night, take it off the charger and in 3 hours the battery is drained.  I know it's not the battery, as I just bought a new one and it's still happening.  Before I installed the OS my phone could hold a charge for well over a day.  I dialed *288 to update the roaming on my phone and that didn't help.

I called Verizon today and they did not offer any options to fix the battery drain issue I'm having.  I asked if I could downgrade to the previous OS and they said it wasn't an option.  I've done some Googling and I think I can downgrade myself but I haven't tried yet.

I'm beyond frustrated.  Is anyone else having issues with the update?
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Re: Blackberry OS Update Question

  • The update messed up my connection to the internet.  Anytime I try to use Opera mini to access site, it tells me I do not have an active connection, yet my regular brower works just fine.  It didn't start happening until the update -- not a fan and hope a new one is coming soon.
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  • I hope so too.  Where in NJ are you from?  I'm a fellow NJ-er. 
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  • I have the same cell with the upgrade. My battery is going much faster than normal, but not as bad as what you described. I charged it all night, unplugged it at 7 and I have 50% battery left (so 5.5 hours). I've been having a ton of problems with connecting to the internet making and receiving calls, texts and e-mails.

    I hate cell phones.
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  • I'm having problems texting certain people.  I can send FI a message just fine but I can't open any from 2 friends of mine so far.  Weird. 

    I'm looking at Droids on e-bay.  I can't take this!

    Since I updated my roaming my battery life is about the same as yours, jonchrissy but it's really annoying that it drains so fast!
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