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That crazy preception business made me think of a question

Let's say your a well-bred denizen of the Knot, carefully sheltered and raised into a practitioner of good etiquette over nearly three years of waiting for your wedding to happen.

And let's say you moved halfway across the country to be with your fiance, but your wedding is still back east.

And let's say that you're not inviting any of your fiance's coworkers to the wedding, and they understand this because they don't want to travel 900 miles for a wedding.

And then, surprisingly, let's say that THEY have pestered YOU to have some sort of wedding related party in their hometown, because your fiance is a loveable box of puppies and they want to celebrate with him, and you're feeling kind of guilty anyway, because thanks to you, he may have to move back east soon and his coworkers will miss him, so you've decided to throw a barbecue for them all at your house a few weeks before the wedding.

Would you mention the wedding at all on the party invitations, or just call it a barbecue?
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