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How is your weekend going so far?

My dad comes to me and tells me that he accidentally ordered something onto his cellphone and doesn't know what to do. He hands me the bill. It CLEARLY states what to do to halt the subscription. It can't be any more clear.

Text the word "STOP" to the code provided.

The code is directly undearneath it.

I pointed this out to him and he got mad at me for being a "smartass." I was not rude when I told him this, but I think his pride got hurt.

A few minutes later he comes back downstairs and tells me that he followed the directions and they are charging him for the month, anyway, but it has stopped for the future. He is furious with me because that wasn't what he wanted.

Umm... he's furious with me because he ordered something he does want and now has to pay for? What?

Anyone else have a greeeaaat start to their weekend? Please tell me yours has been better than mine, I can use some happy news.

Re: How is your weekend going so far?

  • Nothing too exciting has happened so far. I worked at the mall today but I was really disappointed actually. I thought there would be more people and that it would be a lot crazier than it was. 

    I'm sorry you haven't had a good weekend so far, but you still have two days to make up for it? Any weekend plans?

  • I think I'm getting sick, and I am not happy at all about that.  But H just ordered me a pesto lovers pizza, so I'm happy about that.  I have no plans other than to clean my house for the next 2 days.  Exciting.
  • Its at good as it gets I guess. My back has been killing me all day, I don't know what I did considering I have been off this entire week.

    We had leftovers for dinner and H is just in his own world doing stuff he wants to do. I am about to go in the bedroom and read for awhile.

    I guess I am just a bit depressed about not being able to be home for any of the holidays. But on the flip side, I am looking forward to watching some Ohio State football tomorrow afternoon.
  • We just finished eating leftovers. Dad, Lucas and I went to see Megamind today. It was pretty funny. We're still in MD, and leaving sometime tomorrow afternoon.
  • I'm sorry your dad got upset with you!

    As for me, I'm bored bored bored bored bored.

    H is working till 9, so 3 more hours.  I want to eat some leftovers but I'm too lazy to fix a plate.  And I can't find Christmas stockings I like.

    On the good side, I took my wedding dress in to a seamstress today.  She's cutting up my train and making a Christmas tree skirt for me!
  • Mine has been pretty good actually. Today I went black friday shopping (Fiance & I do it every year) and tomorrow we're going to check out a wedding venue and then put up our first Christmas tree! We got almost all of the stuff last year when it was all 75% off and we knew we were moving in together, but we're still missing a tree topper. Need to hunt tomorrow :)

    I hope your weekend gets better!
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  • i'm not having a good weekend so far. i don't understand people.
  • My bank lost my $500 check right before Thanksgiving so I couldn't have it to go shopping with and my check from work was $700 shorter than I expected.
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    Mine is pretty much crap.  A childhood friend of FIs died, so he went to CT for the funeral today.  Since I had to work, he took the kids with him and they'll be staying the night at his parent's house.  There's a family party tomorrow on my side, and since FI is out of town, I told my parents "My car isn't really up for it.  Todd could meet me up there tomorrow so we could all head home tomorrow night together, but I have no way of getting up there.  Looks like I'll have to miss it."  My parents live 30 minutes from the host's home, and 2 hours from me.  I came home from work today excited to have a night to myself and most of tomorrow, as well.  A few hours ago, my father called to let me know that they'd drive down here and pick me up tomorrow so I could go to the party.  This is the opposite of what I wanted.  So I've been stuck cleaning my house all night, since I no longer have tomorrow to do so.  Sad Mel.  Guys, a night at home with nobody else here happens like, maybe, once a year.  I appreciate my parents being all "we can't have a party without you!" but really?  On my one day of the year I can watch 7 back to back episodes of Glee without being judged?  WHY?  I'm so grumpy about this.  I keep kicking things.  It's very mature and ladylike, the way I'm behaving. 
  • aleighk1  - Same here! The mall was just not as busy as we were hoping it would be. BUT we made our sales for the day before noon, so all in all, not bad!

    For the rest of the weekend I'm going to hopefully spend time with my boyfriend and his little sister.

    The Mel and Todd Show - Dude, I hate when I'm planning some quality "me time" and it doesn't happen.

    daffodil_jill - I don't understand them, either. :(
  • FI had his debit card information stolen this week, so we've been dealing with the bank, cancelling cards, etc.  They also haven't refunded the money yet, so we haven't done any shopping.

    We're still recovering from his family's holiday party.  FBIL's gf hosted (brave or crazy?), and FMIL stole the turkey.  As in, right after the meal, she packed it up and walked out the door.  Who does that?
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