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Rehearsal dinner invites??

Okay, I am new to all this, and I am not sure about exactly who to invite to the rehearsal dinner.  My fiance's parents are footing the bill and want a list of who to invite. I have heard that etiquette suggests that all out of town guests should be invited, but since they are paying, I am not going to give them a ginormous list and expect them to pay for everyone.  I know party and their spouses/guests, parents, pastor and his spouse....grandparents?

Re: Rehearsal dinner invites??

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    Yup.  You're right on.

    Wedding party and spouses/guests, parents, siblings, grandparents, officiant and spouse, and anyone else involved in the rehearsal (readers, candle lighters, whatever).

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  • Okay, so out of town aunts & uncles, cousins, etc. are not required to invite?  That's good because I know they cannot spend an arm and a leg on everyone, but I also didn't want to leave someone out that I didn't know I was supposed to invite! Thanks for your quick reply J&K! :)
  • Nope, not a requirement.  Common in some circles, but it's definitely something extra that's nice to do if you can swing it, but isn't required and shouldn't be expected.

    You're good!

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  • Half of our guests are going to be OOT. If we were having a rehearsal dinner, I can't begin to imagine how much it would cost.

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