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Alright, where'd everyone go?


Re: Alright, where'd everyone go?

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    [QUOTE]I'm genuinely angry over this. I know that the media will put whatever spin they want on a story - but they don't outright lie. <strong>And he's not dead because he surrendered.</strong> Laaaaame.
    Posted by pokepoke27[/QUOTE]

    <div>Yup. I'm amazed at the things people can spin into race issues. </div>
  • Yeah, we had a pretty bad storm last night. It has been thundery all day, I'm hoping we won't get a repeat tonight. 

    Night Beanie!
  • Evening, everyone!

    I just got back from visiting my grandpa for the day. We went to his favorite restaurant for a late lunch and it was delicious as usual. I had a really nice day, but now I'm exhausted and wish it was early enough for a nap. Oh well. 

    Aryn, that is ridiculous that anyone would think this was a race issue. It really annoys me that people are so quick to jump to that when there's no reason to. I'm glad I haven't seen that picture pop up on my newsfeed yet. Ugh.
  • Ah! I don't want my power to go out! I only have 2 candles right now! 
  • Aryn - what floor are you on? I don't like being in apartments during bad weather. How does Sasha do in storms?

    Leisel - I'm so glad he was well enough to go out with you! I'm glad you had a good day. 

  • Thanks, Poke! I was really glad we got to hang out :)

    My friend in New Orleans said it was pouring down there, too. I wish some of that rain would come up here, it's so dry. 
  • I'm on the second floor. I'm not nervous but I definitely won't be taking any showers tonight. The lightening is crazy. Sasha is nervous so I went ahead and gave her one of the new frozen treats, that seemed to help her. 
  • I think it's rained at least once per day for the past two weeks. 
  • Leisel, I think it's great that you're so close with your grandfather! When my grandparents are in town we go to lunch but I don't talk to them regularly. 
  • Aww, poor baby. That's so sweet of you to make her frozen treats. I hope the storm doesn't last too long.
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    [QUOTE]Leisel, I think it's great that you're so close with your grandfather! When my grandparents are in town we go to lunch but I don't talk to them regularly. 
    Posted by ArynBaker[/QUOTE]

    <div>Thanks! I'm really only close to this one grandfather. I only see my grandma on my dad's side once or twice a year. </div>
  • Evening ladies.  Hanging out with Pete and Repeat at our old (UNSOLD) house in Pennsylvania.  It is fun, just like when they were growing up, except we have minimal furniture (aka a bed and two bar stools) and only water and electric.  Kinda like camping but fancier. 
  • Holy jeebas Eagles, does your ticker tell me that you've got less than 2 weeks until your wedding??

    Have you seen the doctor about your migranes? I haven't heard that youv'e been having that trouble. 
  • Hi Ski : ) That does sound like fun. How long as the house been on the market? Or have you not put it up yet?
  • Eagles, If you're having odd migraines it might be worth getting tested for allergies. My brother is allergic to some foods/additives and he gets migraines when he eats them. 
  • Sounds like a productive day. I'm not gonna lie, I don't miss all the wedding crap I was doing. I enjoyed planning, but I am glad I don't have to worry about it anymore. 

    I hope that those Imitrex last for you, migranes are the worst. Is this a recent problem or have you been having it for a while?
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    [QUOTE]Hi Ski : ) That does sound like fun. How long as the house been on the market? Or have you not put it up yet?
    Posted by pokepoke27[/QUOTE]

    We had it on the market for 6 months and it didn't sell, so we are pulling down the lathe and plaster on the first floor and putting up drywall, redoing the hardwood floors, new furnace, new carpet throughout the upstairs, new windows, etc.  The house was built in 1890, we are hopeful that by throwing some money into it, it will sell when we put it on the market again, and if it doesn't we are going to rent it out. 
  • Eagles, I feel for you on the migraines. My mom gets them regularly, and I know she just hates those days. I hope you don't have them too much longer. 
  • hey guys. I'm in a super bad mood right now for absolutely no reason at all. I think it is because I have 3 papers due by this time next weekend and I am having a ton of trouble writing 2 of them. 

    I'm also being ridiculous because the grocery store is down the hill and I am too lazy to go get a snack like I'm craving right now. 
  • H just shattered the screen on his Droid.  So now I'm phone shopping.  Any recs for phones from Verizon?
  • I really hope that you can sell it Ski. Renting is a PITA from what I've heard. 
  • A house in PA built in 1890? I'd probably buy it. Does it have a large porch? Or is that a southern thing? I want my old house to have a large porch. 
  • I've had those days Musu. I also really hate when I've got multiples big things due at the same time. What a pain.

    Barrel - ouch, that sucks. Does verizon still do the Evo? My friend loves hers.
  • That's no fun, Musu. What kind of papers are you writing?

  • No large front porch any longer. But we have a picture of it when it was a bed and breakfast for the Erie Canal back in the early 1900 and it had a fabulous wrap around.  I always wanted to come up with enough cash to put that back on but never was able to.  And now that financially I could swing it, I don't live in it anylonger. 

    And Poke, I agree, renting could/would be a PITA. 

    Feel better Eagles, you are getting so close to the bestest part!
  • Yeah I am just having one of those feeling sorry for myself moments where I want to whine and say eff this world, I wanna get off. 

    Leisel -- I have a paper that I have to write for my law&cinema class that is on any topic I want, regarding movies & the law. So I think I am going to write about how the death penalty is portrayed in movies. Then I have to write two papers for my "difficult conversations" class about how the skills I learned are going to apply to being an attorney. 
  • Eags, hope you get a handle on the migraine. Those sound so awful

    Leisel, glad you got to see your grandpa. 

    Musu, don't be grumpy. You will get the papers done.

    Ski, our old house has been on the market for almost three months. No nibbles yet. It's empty though so not like there is much to do but mow the lawn and go make sure nothing looks dusty every week or so. 
  • I think I just need to swim in a giant vat of chocolate and swallow all of it. That would be good. 

    At least I saw an absolutely adorable 8 week old chocolate lab at the art fair today. OMG i wanted to take it home. Puppies are the best.
  • I would imagine lawyers have to have all kinds of difficult conversations. 

    Yikes Eagles. I've had like two or three migranes. They suck so bad. I sometimes get nervous if I feel a bad headache coming on because I'm afraid it could be a migrane. Don't worry, these 13 are just going to fly by : ). Are you going on a HM? 
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