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I could just cry right now

I have a child who comes to the center who I will call Carlos. Carlos is very smart. This is his first year in this community and it seems as though he has fit in nicely with many of the children. BUT he has made it his business to hang around with the biggest thug in the world who I will call Marco. This boy is a known gang banger, does horrible in school and has no respect for adults/authority. We, at the center, have given his mom all types of assistance with help with her son, but nothing has worked. Carlos is determined to hang out with Marco. I have talked until I was blue in the face about why it is so important for him to surround himself with positive people.

Yesterday, Carlos was late coming from school to the center. I asked him why he was late and he said that he was with Marco. I told him that he really needed to find a better friend. I told him that this was not the first time that we had had this discussion and asked if he wanted me to leave him alone about it. He said yes, that he wanted me to leave him alone. Not to mention, Carlos has no father in the home because he is in jail for shooting a 12 gauge into the floor of their house.

In all of my years of teaching and here at the center, I have never had a child out right choose to go in the wrong direction and then tell me that they no longer wanted my guidance. I am so hurt by this because Carlos is so smart and has great potential. It breaks my heart to think of what could happen to him.

Sorry about the rant. I could not even sleep last night because of the crazy dreams I kept having. Please keep this child and all children who are on the wrong path, in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!
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