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MUA for Black Skin

Had a trial today and wasn't very thrilled with how things came out.  Have a list of vendors so I'm going to start over again, but wanted to reach out to Af-Am gals and inquire who you used.

Want a natural look but covers acne spots, no lashes, and she can travel and not break the bank.  Thanks in advance.

Re: MUA for Black Skin

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    here are two I highly recommend:
    Ellen B -
    Mia / Bridal Lounge -

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    the makeup artist that did my wedding is really good with dark skin.
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    Try Ellen B Beauty
    Mia from Bridal Lounge
    Niquay fa wise makeup

    Good Luck! I know how crazy trials can be. 
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    I love Ellen B, but more than I am willing to pay.  I have found an artist and have my trial this Sunday, hopefully if it goes well, I can put a good word for her.

    As an aside, my skin isn't very dark at all (I'm a few shades lighter than Halle), but I find that unfortunately, most artists just don't know how to work on all faces, despite having a license that should make the case.  In any event, if that doesn't work, someone contacted me through another board, so I've, fortunately, got many options.  Worse case, I'll do it myself if it comes to it - it'll certainly save me $$$.

    Thanks ladies.
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    I had the hardest time finding a makeup artist.  I went through 4 trials with different artists.  The foundation that the artists used either made me look ashy or like I had clay on my face.  I am brown skinned but I have a reddish undertone.

    Then I finally met Stormy.  She was amazing, fast and reasonable.  I can send you pics if you would like. 

    Below you will find the link to her husband''s salon You can call the number listed and ask for Stormy or speak with her husband Ron to get in touch with her.  I got married a while back and no longer have her number.

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