Rant..never ordering from KOHLS again.


I ordered 2 bridesmaid earings...... 4 weeks ago, and first they charged me SIX times... then when I called- the person on the phone said she would cancel them, and order my earings again to have them sent to me asap.
So here I am.... FOUR weeks later- wondering.. where are my earings!
I call Kohls again today, and they transfer me THREE times...
finally the last guy is like.. well- it looks like they shipped to the wrong address... so fed ex is supposed to send it back to us, and then we can ship it them out to you again.....
so i'm like.. oh ok. that sounds good, and I explain how these are for my wedding and I already bought 3 other pairs from stores....
 then he's like- wait a minute- they were supposed to ship this back to us TWELVE days ago???
So then he says- well its probably gonna be a "lost package"
he asks for my credit card number and says he will "re-order" them for me.
So I am super reluctant- but he says they will refund me in the next couple weeks for the lost I agree--- and while I am waiting he says...."oh... so we don't carry those earings anymore.... would you like me to order different ones?"

NO! I want the ones I paid for!! I already have 3 sets of these earings- and now I can't order them from Kohls. bah.

I don't have a receipt for the other 3.. and now I am screwed.

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