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Email to vendor - Too snotty?

Not really much of a backstory but that we really want this hotel for our wedding/reception.  We met with the coordinator a couple times and emailed back and forth.  The last meeting we sat down and hashed out the details for dinner, set up, etc.  Now...nothing.  I ran into her at a wedding showcase and she was completely awkward.  Also made some sort of snarky comments about what time people email her/call her ("I had a bride who's wedding is next week email me this morning at 1am.  What am I supposed to do with that??  Ugh, I'll call her Monday).  Referenced my voicemail that I left at 1030pm.  Yeah, I work shift work and that's when I can get things done sometimes, she knew that.  Voicemail said to call back when convient.  Here is what I would like to email her and wanted your thoughts.  Does is sound appropriate?  Thanks for the help.

Hi X, 

Well, it has been five weeks since we met and discussed our plans.  You had advised on Thursday, August 25th that it would be Monday August 29th or Tuesday August 30th when we would hear something back.  Unfortunately we have not.  I emailed you on September 12 and also left a voicemail message during the same week (I do not remember the exact day).  I still did not receive a response.  After running into you at the Bridal Showcase on Sunday, you appeared distant and aloof.  You did also mention that I would have something by Wednesday.  Again, I have nothing.

I apologize if somehow we had offended you and hope that is not the case, but this lack of communication appears that you no longer wish to work with us.  That is unfortunate as you were the one we requested and had gravitated towards.  Please refer me to another coordinator as we would still like to have our wedding at the hotel.

And as per your comments at the Showcase about what time people call/email, I do understand this is being sent at 1am <or whatever time I actually send it />.  I am at work and have a chance to get a few things done.  I do not expect an immediate response, however, I do expect one within the next business day or two.

Thank you,

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