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hey everyone!

were getting married in Vegas in March 2013. it was kind of a last minute decision, his parents live in california & his mom cannot fly due to health issues (we live in Texas). we're planning this quicker than I would like, and with the short notice, I'm pretty sure most of the people I'm inviting will not be able to go (theyre here in TX). the chapel that we're going to is going to keep a video of our ceremony online for 30 days so I'd like to include the link to that with the invitations. would it be tacky for me to include a note that says something like "sorry for the short notice, if you're unable to attend, you can still watch us say I do at

tried to make this short & sweet lol sry!


Re: Destination Wedding Invitation etiquette

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    If your invite is anywhere near formal I would find anything about a website would be weird.  What would work and I think would be ok would be an insert, you could even print them off yourself that says, "After the wedding a video will be posted at". Who knows, your parents or even those that attend might want to watch it. 

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    Don't say anything about being last minute, it's really not that bad. 

    Ditto PP. I would make a small insert with the website saying that they could watch it and leave it at that. 
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    I agree with PP and just put insert in invite or on your website if you're doing one telling people video will be available.

    I recommend doing a website for wedding. A friend of mine got married in Vegas 2 years ago and it was nice because on their she put the information of where the reception & ceremony would be and any other events that would be going on & the hotel where they would be staying. They didn't book a block of rooms because people stayed all over Vegas depending on their budget and the grooms family had a condo they rented (where they hosted a get to know you party the night before the wedding).

    It allowed everyone to know what was planned in regards to time, expenses, and what type of clothes to pack, they will all enjoy their time more and the more details you provide in advance, the fewer calls/texts you will have to deal with when you are there.
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