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RP- Kleinfeld's?.. felt a bit underwhelmed

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Hi ladies!

I was hoping some of you may be able to offer reviews/experiences if you've been to Kleinfeld's. Yesterday was my 2nd trip there and I seriously felt underwhelmed and am definitely missing this whole "Kleinfeld experience" thing eveyone talks about..

My first trip there was about a month ago, and I truely felt I found "the dress." This was also my very first time trying on dresses period. I went back yesterday after trying some places in Jersey. I found a strong contender at Park Ave bridal but had to go back and try on the one at Kleinfeld again before deciding. When I tried the dress on again, I didn't feel the same "WOW ..this is it!" feeling. I asked my consultant if she could pull more and she told me they didn't have anything else that matched what I was looking for (I want a blingy bodice, full princess-type skirt and my price point is 4-5k). I also told her to use her expertise and pull stuff she thinks would look good on me. She literally pulled the same exact 2 dresses she pulled last time. That's all they have that fit my criteria, she claimed.

My consultant was older, kinda lagged around the store, bs-ing with people and acted very blaze. I thought she was funny, but it felt more like socializing than finding a dress. She told me to help her pull stuff but I don't know what the dresses look like in those plastic bags!

Can it be that Kleinfeld's really has NOTHING else? Isn't this the creme de la creme of bridal salons with the biggest selection around?? Does it only cater to people who have a 10k+ budget and are looking for some crazy-a$$ Pnina Tornai getup?

Should I just move on ..or try for another appointment with a different consultant?

My wedding is in October so I am cutting it close lol.

Re: RP- Kleinfeld's?.. felt a bit underwhelmed

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    definitely check out other salons. The service at Kleinfeld's is not how it appears on SYTTD.

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    I only know what I know from the show.  I wonder if lots of beading is hard to find at your price point.  It seems that all the blinged out dresses seem to cost more like $6,000+.

    Have you tried RK bridal?  I hear they have a great selection.  
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    I tried Kleinfeld's first too, and was unimpressed like you.  The dresses were nice, but not what I wanted or expected, and the service was just okay. 

    I ended up buying my dress from Adrienne's bridal on the Lower East Side; it's a smaller boutique, but they'll work with you and get you basically anything you want.  After trying on a few dresses, I decided to go the custom dress route, which is really fun because you can watch the dress evolve over time and make it your own.  They're great to work with, but I'd only recommend a custom dress if you have plenty of time before your wedding.

    Good luck!
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:114Discussion:6fbb9ecb-b0fb-4635-a25a-5ca8c80e3b6dPost:7d4473a8-c56a-4bdf-acc5-21b7edc08958">RP- Kleinfeld's?.. felt a bit underwhelmed</a>:
    [QUOTE]Does it only cater to people who have a 10k+ budget and are looking for some crazy-a$$ Pnina Tornai getup? Should I just move on ..or try for another appointment with a different consultant? Posted by LudaSeka[/QUOTE]

    YES AND YES to answer both those questions

    My SIL had a horrible time when she went to Kleinfeld's and she actually didnt try any dresses on and just walked out.  once she said the price limit the woman actually "sighed" and started pulling dresses (that looked like sh*t) when she dismissed every dress she was actually told "i dont think we have anything you would like then with the price given"  (btw she had only giving a limit of $2500  it may not be 10k but ive seen on the show these ppl bend over backwards for less, but i guess thats only for tv)
    i do not think i  will be going there at all to look for a dress, which kinda upsets me since i live in NY and have grown up knowing of only that store to go to and even live in brooklyn, i was right near Kleinfelds before it made to the move to the city. but after hearing all the neg. comments for soooo many people i dont think i will be wasting my time.
    if i were you i would start looking else where.  My SIL got her dress at a local dress shop that we went into as a joke cause the windows still looked like they were from the 80's but the inside was totally different and filled with only name brands, and the people were the nicest and sweetest people.   you never know what you will find and where you will find it.
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  • kttestkttest member
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    I actually bought my dress at Kleinfeld's and had a wonderful experience and my budget was only $2000, which I ended up being under.  I was treated very well without any cameras around.  I agree if you really weren't happy shop around or you can ask to see a different consultant.  GL!
  • whitts79whitts79 member
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    I also had a good experience at Kleinfeld's. I ended up having Sarah (from the show) as my consultant and she was wonderful. She spent well over the allotted time with me and was extremely helpful. I do, however, know people that had bad experiences there, so I think it really depends on your consultant. I ended up getting my dress at Mark Ingrams though (Kleinfeld's didn't carry the dress I ended up going with).

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    I totally agree. I went 2 weeks ago and was really disappointed. My saleswoman took me into the back and had me pick what i wanted to try (which was hard bc there were a bazillion dresses tightly packed together). I ended up getting my dress at saks - they were incredibly helpful there. I also had a good experience at mark ingram and wedding atelier.
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