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HELP. My Mother Disagrees...

I was planning to reserve a block of rooms for my guests and include the hotel information on an enclosure card in the invites along with the reception space information. My mom thinks this is limiting and that guests should be able to choose where they want to stay and how much they want to spend (she thinks the hotel I chose is too expensive- it's about $80, but my mom and her family are pretty much cheapskates)

My FMIL on the other hand wants to put her family up in a B&B because that side of the family are all swanky and she would rather them not stay at the area hotel I chose.

So basically, my hotel choice isn't good for anyone involved. My mom wants me to put instead the names of area hotels for people to choose their own place, while my mother in law is planning to handle my FI's side herself. I feel like listing a bunch of hotels in the invite is tacky. I wouldn't know what information to include about each one (address? phone number? just names?) not to mention a long list would take up way too much room on the small enclosure card... Is it bad form to not include hotel information if you have out of town guests? I would rather leave it out altogether than list several hotels. 

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