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So I'm sending invitations, rsvp cards, etc.

I was wondering if it is okay to include out website on the RSVP so people have the option to RSVP online. Catch is this is our wedding website so it includes all of our information, but also the registry sites. Because of the registries also being on our website makes me wonder if this would be strongly bad etiquette?

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

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    Id say as long as you arent MAKING them go there to RSVP, and the registry info is on a different tab, then you are fine. You aren't shoving it in their faces.

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    I think in the case of a very  casual wedding, rsvps are okay but not if you're doing a formal invitation

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    So this is the invitation we are designing is this considered too formal to not break an etiquette rule? 

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    That's fine. Like PP said as long as, after they RSVP, they don't get a pop up that says, "Thanks so much! Now you can buy us a gift at BB&B or Macys!"

    Just include it on a separate card than the invitation itself. The Response card is fine.
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    I hope it's fine, because we're doing the same thing.  And if it's not fine, it's too late because everything is already printed and addressed Laughing
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    thanks for the feedback . . . and no I wouldn't out front ask them to give me a gift. We have a long list of people we have an extra 40 people over our max we want to invite and I'd like responses asap so I can start sending out invites from the B list. . .

    thanks again for the help . . . didn't know who else to ask ; )
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    We did it!
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