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I have Internet

Hello ladies!

How is everyone this afternoon?

I have missed everyone. I made it back to Ohio safe & sound. It feels so good to be home for good. My sister keeps asking me if I am here to

Did I miss anything exciting over the past few days?

Re: I have Internet

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    Arayx2Arayx2 member
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    Welcome back to the great state of Ohio Missy!!!!
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    It felt  so good to actually sleep in a real bed last night instead of an air mattress. And my back is thanking me for it, too.
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    Hey Missy!! Not much exciting I don't think. Seems like there were a few crazies this weekend though.
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    People feel strongly about their birthdays.  That's about all I've gotten.
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    Hey Missy! Glad you are sleeping in a real bed now!!
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    mkruparmkrupar member
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    Hai Missy!!! I'm glad you made it home safe! When do you start the new job?

    Oh and TR's right. Apparently Bdays are a big, huge, ridiculous deal to some people. Not everyone though.
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    Hey mk!

    I start my new job next Monday, May 23. Tomorrow I have to get my background check and physical and fill out the rest of the paperwork.

    It sure has been a crazy past few weeks.
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    Oh yeah, and what is this about birthdays? I take it there were a lot of bday related posts over the weekend. Eh, a birthday is just another day. I mean, they are special and all, but its not like they are when you are a kid, kwim?
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    Haaaaaaaaaang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on.....  O-H-I-O!!!!!!

    Welcome back!
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    yay! i'm glad you're back home! i've been thinking about your move. welcome back to the buckeye state missy!
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