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Venue help- if we could combine reBar and Sunset Terrace....

Hi all,

We're looking to have our wedding in April or May of 2014 with about 80 people. We are looking for a venue where we can have a ceremony and reception on site. We have been drawn to the industrial/rustic type of settings (the Green Building was our ideal but waaay out of our budget) and finally narrowed down to 2 venues- reBar and Sunset Terrace. We love the funky look of reBar and the upgrades we can get since we are having less than 100 people. I don't love that I won't have more control over the flowers and decor. We are also worried it will be a little too non traditional for our parents. The primary concern is that we don't get a ton of time for our money. We're not as in love with the overall look and feel of Sunset Terrace but you do get a lot of time there for your money, it has a bit more of a traditional set up and I'd have more control of the decor. We would also be able to do a Saturday night, which is great.

My question is, does anyone know of a space that has a comparable look and feel of reBar with more of the timing and flexibility of Sunset Terrace? We are flexible on location and would be willing to explore the tri-state area.

Re: Venue help- if we could combine reBar and Sunset Terrace....

  • There's another restaurant in Brooklyn called My Moon that sort of has the ReBar may be a bit more expensive though (I think 140 pp I read on NY Mag?)  and I have no idea what their timing options are.

  • There is also The Park restaurant in Chelsea w/ really cool decor, but not sure about pricing and timing.  They may allow you to rent specific rooms instead of doing a buy out of the whole place.  They have a wedding/events coordinator you can email.
  • Have you considered an outdoor ceremony at the Brooklyn Bridge Park?
  • Just curious, does Rebar not doing weddings on Saturday nights?  Are the only options Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon/evening?
  • CrazyCatLady3- Thanks so much for the suggestions!  I think MyMoon might be out of our budget but the ambience is right up our alley.  We have spoken to the manager about that a bit and we're going to take a tour soon to see if we like the space anyway (hopefully I don't fall in love and then realize it's impossible).   I took a look at the Park and think I might give them a call as well.  Also, reBar does have Saturday evening options, though the price goes up about $3k, which might mean that we could do Sunset Terrace for a cheaper price on a Saturday than we could do reBar.

    Miyoni - we originally were planning a February wedding so we weren't looking at having a ceremony at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, but it could be an option now that we're looking into April and May and if that provided us with more (and cost efficient) restaurants for the reception.  We'd need a space where we could have dancing etc.  Do you have any restaurants you would recommend if we did do the ceremony offsite?

  • You're welcome zem.  I am actually going to PM you if you don't mind, I have some more questions about ReBar.  I have done a lot of looking online but haven't spoken to any of these places myself.  Maybe MyMoon can work with you on the price if you do a less popular day of the week/season, or take some of the more expensive items off the menu.
  • Sure no problem, I'll look out for your message!
  • From what I've heard, BBP is a very inexpensive ceremony location.. you just need a park permit. Chances are you'd need a coordinator to tie everything together. I know that my coordinator has done both BBP and East River State Park in Williamsburg. Either will be great if its warm enough!!

    As for venues, I can give you a list that my planner/coordinator gave me -- not sure which are industrial-like.. I had considered that but upon touring venues, I decided that wasn't really for me.

    Are you strictly looking for a reception venue or a restaurant? If you're looking for a restaurant i'm sure Downtown Brooklyn has a lot
  • Hi MIyoni - thanks I'd love to get the list of restaurants/venues your coordinator provided!  I'm trying to avoid getting a coordinator because we are on a strict budget.  That is partially why we were looking at restaurant venues, because they had more on site than a loft for example and there would be less for us to coordinate on our own.
  • Hi Miyoni, if you could PM me the list as well, I'd really appreciate it.
  • check out dumbo loft its a raw space with that industrial feel literally around the corner from Rebar and also they have a smaller space forgot the name

    if you need an affordable photographer check out Le Image they shoot at Rebar alot
  • check out dumbo loft its a raw space with that industrial feel literally around the corner from Rebar and also they have a smaller space forgot the name

    if you need an affordable photographer check out Le Image they shoot at Rebar alot
  • We are having our ceremony at Brooklyn Bridge Park and our reception at reBar on a Saturday evening in October. We also took a tour of MyMoon and met with the owner, so feel free to PM me if you have questions on any of them. From what I remember MyMoon wasn't much more expensive than reBar.

    FYI on having your ceremony in Brooklyn Bridge Park, the permit costs $425. Add to that the cost of having a coordinator (which I think is essential to do a ceremony there), your officiant, musicans and any other extras you want to have there and it may not be the most budget-friendly option. That said I don't think you can beat the view and I'm really excited to have our ceremony there.
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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all your help!  We've ultimately decided to go with the Sunset Terrace.  MyMoon was beautiful but didn't work because we didnt' like the order of the wedding and that you'd have to clear out tables for the dance floor.  We went back to look at the Sunset Terrace when it was set up for a wedding and the space looked beautiful, the price is right, and we can essentially do everything in one place, so we don't have to worry about having a wedding coordinator (which is out of our budget anyway).  It's such a relief to finally have that nailed down!

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