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Family Drama

 I have relatives that live in West Virginia that are the last tie to my grandma that I was closest with who passed away last year. It would mean very much to me to have them there & I know they wouldn't want to miss it for the world. The issue is this: My Aunt. She recently committed a very serious bout of family betrayal that is, quite simply, unforgivable. My relatives in WV aren't financially sound & they typically stay with my aunt when they come up to visit. We are on a very tight budget (we are doing a LOT of DIY) & I don't think we could afford to pay for them to stay in a hotel. If we didn't live in an apartment I would absolutely have my relatives stay with us. My mom & sister said it would be bad taste to invite my relatives in WV & not my aunt, especially since they stay with her & are still close with my aunt. I am at an impasse. If I invite her, it will be an added stress on both my fiance & I that day. because she is one of those people that likes to cause problems. I don't, there is a definite possibility that my relatives from WV won't be able to make it. Do I invite my aunt for the sake of being able to have my relatives there, or do I not invite her and run the risk of not having my relatives attend?
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