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Newspaper Announcements

Starting to work on ours, and wondered how common it is.
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Re: Newspaper Announcements

  • My mom wants me to but I'm not sure I will.
  • No, it's just not something that was important to us.
  • I certainly wouldn't rather die, it's just not that common around here, so we didn't. My parents did it, I think it was more expected then. If anyone else I know has done this recently I haven't seen it, but that doesn't mean I think it's the worst idea on the planet either.
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  • I picked other. We didn't do one because we are lazy and didn't really care that much about putting it in the paper. 
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    I didn't publish anything in the States...  It wasn't important to me - my Mom mentioned it but then I think she forgot.  I did send in a picture to my high school alumnae magazine, though.  In Mexico, we were published, but that wasn't something we sent in for.  They just did it.
  • But I will say that it's very common here and almost everyone else I know has done it. So we were really the odd ones out on that front.
  • I voted "Other" because I didn't because I just didn't think it was necessary.
  • PS I picked No- I'd rather die, but like I said I certainly wouldn't rather die :)
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  • We didn't just because we didn't think it was important. Those who we're close to knew we were getting married and if you weren't close then I didn't care if you knew or not.
  • Yes, because FMIL is a newspaper editor.  She did all the work, I just sent her a picture.
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  • I said "no way, I'd rather die," although that isn't really correct. I just think it's kind of silly. I'm from a small town and I know that everyone I know there would see the announcement... it's just NMS. I'd rather put up the announcement than die though :)
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  • I did a half-aSs attempt to get in the NY Times but that didn't happen.  We did end up in another paper up here just because they saw our photos so that's good enough.  I totally forgot about sending anything to my hometown paper.  Oops!
  • I don't personally care one way or the other. my mom mentioned the possibility of an announcement the other day, but we haven't discussed it further. she probably won't make me write it though, she'd do all the work.

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    I picked I'd rather die, but that's not really accurate.  I just think it's sort of stupid.  I put it on facebook and told the people I care about.  Everyone who knows us knew anyway.  My mom said something about it and I told her she could do it if she wanted to. 
  • yes, M had the announcement in the NYTimes because she grew up here.  The wedding was on Cape Cod but she didn't put any announcment there.
  • I said "Other." I asked my dad about it (figuring he might want to go the more traditional route), and he pointed out that there's no one paper to put it in - I grew up in the SF Bay Area, have family in England and now live in Chile. If there were one paper that would reach most of the people I know, we might do it, but as it is we won't.
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    We did one. My parents still have theirs on the fridge and everyone else in my family does it, so I wrote one for us and it was put in the paper 2 months after we were married. The price killed me though - $45 for one day!
  • I would have but it was too expensive. 
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  • I said other.

    No we didn't do it. fmil is still pushing it... but the people that I care about knowing we are engaged, already know.

    I didn't  say "no I rather die" because if it was a choice of dying or putting it in the paper, I'd choose life.

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  • $45?!  Ha.  The cheapest option in the Charlotte Observer was close to $300.  If you are a moderately successful accountant in the Charlotte area you are pretty much obligated to submit an announcement.   Seriously, at least half the wedding/engagement announcements in that paper are Big 4 or Big 4 alum. 
  • We did an engagement announcement in the local paper of my hometown, it was free.  I never put a marriage announcement in though.
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  • Ours just involved filling out a form with our information, nothing about our story or anything.  We mostly did it for my grandma and my parents friends.
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  • I asked FI last night if his mom would do announcements in their hometown. He said no, because "in their church, if it was announced either in the church or the local paper, they would feel obligated to come." wtf? a) an announcement =/= invite and b) our wedding is 3 hours away from their church!

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