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MOB making me cry

I'm sure I am NOT the only one having MOB issues. My mother is driving me up the wall and I have only been engaged for two weeks!!! I have even bought her Mother of the Bride book, to calm her down.
She's forcing decore on me, complaining that I am wrong by letting my fiance have a nice size opinion on this, and at 12:10 am she wants to fight with me over my colors! Are you serious!?! I have 447 days until my one and only BIG day...

My fiance and I have decided that once a week and after 9 pm there will be no wedding talk, just for a peace of mind. She thinks that I am making myself misrible over the whole thing and I need to just calm down. But thats exactly it, we picked one day a week for a break, just to RELAX.

How do I handle and overbarring, wedding driven, married three-times-thinks-she-knows-everthing, ( including if I am driving my man crazy with wedding stuff)- MOB!!!

The happy Bride, Essie

Re: MOB making me cry

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