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Mother of the Groom Attire Issue (LONG....sorry)

So this past weekend my FMIL told me that she wanted to show me some dresses. I asked what the dresses were for because I didn't think she would have purchased dresses for the wedding already. Well…she did. She purchased one dress for the rehearsal dinner and one for the wedding. Let me give you some background information before I describe the dress.

My wedding is in December and I have my colors/theme picked out. I will be going shopping for my dress and the mother of the bride's dress in a few weeks. The bridesmaid dress sometime soon also. The wedding is in a barn so it is going to be rustic with a vintage feel. The colors will be white with light green/light blue and light yellow mixed in. When my FMIL found out that we finally set a date in December she asked if we were doing Christmas colors. I said no. We aren't doing any reds. The colors will be light blues and greens. I don't want a holiday/Christmas feel to my wedding. Then a little later on I told her that I wanted the wedding to be less formal because the men will be wearing gray suits and not tuxes.

(Back to the dresses) Well she buys a short black dress for the rehearsal dinner which was fine with me. Then she pulls out a red dress with a train that she purchased (" target="_blank">here). I was pretty speechless and did not say anything to her about it. I still can't decide if she picked the dress out to purposefully be different or wasn't thinking. She knew the colors of the wedding and knew it wasn't going to be a formal event. She didn't even ask me about guidelines for the dress and we haven't purchased any of the attire for the wedding yet. 

I plan on getting my dress, my mom's dress, and the bridesmaids dress and show them to her in the hopes that she will realize that she is going to stick out like a sore thumb in family pictures (most of the family is in the wedding party). If she doesn't change her dress, how should I tell her that the dress is not appropriate for the wedding? What would you guys do?
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