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Jekyll and Hyde

Why my husband rocks:  he makes up lyrics to songs on the radio while we're in the car about me, and sings them very loudly and off-key.  And it's completely adorable.

Why my husband sucks: he always drops his dirty clothes right next to the hamper.  Every time.  IT'S RIGHT THERE.  WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME.

Now you go.

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Re: Jekyll and Hyde

  • He rocks because he supports me in all situations.
    He less than rocks because he cannot manage to complete projects on any type of reasonable timeframe.
  • Hubs is awesome because he will do sweet things like unplug the vacuum when I'm PMS cleaning and give me a big hug and hold me until I chill out and come to bed.

    Hubs sucks at life because he can't seem to figure out the dishwasher and that things need to be rinsed off before the food sticks to them.
  • He rocks because will talk in a Scottish accent for days at a time -- just to make me laugh.  (And he's really good at it, too!)

    He less than rocks (stealing that from Trifury because it makes me giggle!) because he's such a nightowl.  Our sleep schedules intersect for a couple of hours in the early morning, which means that our already limited time together is even more limited.
  • My husband rocks because he puts up with my mood swings and crazy "I ate one too many corn fritters" moaning and really and truly loves me for who I am, faults and all.

    My husband frustrates me because he complains about going to the grocery store because it's so busy and crowded.  Well, it wouldn't be busy and crowded if you didn't wait until I was on my way home from work to go!  You have  No sympathy from me.

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  • My husband rocks becaaaaaauuuusssseeeee he does incredibly thoughtful things for me regularly.

    My husband rolls because...well...he isn't the timeliest of people, and I totally am.
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    He rocks because he loves me in spite of my crazy control freak tendencies. 

    He doesn't rock because he...hmm...sometimes he laughs a little too voraciously at the stupid things I do, like forgetting to put the car in gear. It bugs me a little.
  • My H is awesome because he constantly makes me laugh, which not many people are able to do. This makes me really happy.

    He is not so awesome because he leaves messes everywhere and makes our hosue look extermely cluttered. Your shirt doesn't go on the back of the couch, dear. And the middle of the floor was not meant for your work boots.
  • My husband rocks because he makes me laugh and laughs with me.

    I wish my husband took more initiative when it comes to household chores.
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    [QUOTE]I wish my husband took more initiative when it comes to household chores.
    Posted by georgia_bride09[/QUOTE]

    I wish<strong><em> I</em></strong> took more initiative when it comes to household chores.  I saw in my FB feed someone talking about using a dustbuster to vacuum off their upright vacuum and how that meant they must be crazy and all I could think was that I wish I had one ounce of that kind of motivation or obsession or whatever it is.
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  • My husband rocks because he is sweet to me, my cheerleader and makes me laugh.  He also starts talking in random accents, which is hilarious (he's very good at it--his Sean Connery and Ah-nold impressions are great).

    My husband sucks because he's lazy and puts things off too long.  Um, remember when I asked you from APRIL to renew your passport???  That was 7 months ago!
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