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I have recently found out that my migraines are caused by synthetic scents and would like to have a scent free wedding so I don't have to miss my own wedding. It also turns out my cousins husband is highly allergic to synthetic scents. Is there a correct way to act my guests not to wear perfumes or aftershave and refrain from scented gifts?

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    I'm late to this, but I second the person who said to have an outdoor wedding.  That will really help diffuse any synthetic scents.  And then word of mouth and your wedding website like everyone else said.  Good luck!

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    I'd make sure that your reception venue is well-ventilated.

    Other than that, I'd spread the info via word of mouth but I think you need to come up with a solution to deal with this.  How do you go about this in the workplace or when shopping/out to dinner?
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