who's here tonight?


Re: who's here tonight?

  • looks like I am going back to the pool party:(  Thats least I dont have to get ready to go over there.  I can be a bum.

    Katie...Kuwait?  Are you Middle Eastern or did your family just live there?
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  • Sasha, My parents are teachers and taught at the American schools there. They lived in Saudi Arabia for...3 years before I was born, then we moved to Kuwait when I was 5, got stuck in the US during Desert Storm, then went back for another two years.

    Mom and I were both born in Wisconsin, dad in Minnesota. Talk about a bit of a temperature change...
  • yeah, nice shelves makes books tolerable.  but i am talking books in the bathroom, one on the coffee table, some on his dresser, some on the night stand, some under his nightstand.  then some in the book shelves.

    it's ridiculous. 

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  • I got ya. Sounds like T with cups. Cups everywhere.
  • That's really cool Katie.  That must be cool to have experiences like that and live in another culture.  Except the losing belongings part:(  I have been to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but I know it is very different there than Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  Especially Saudi.

    Ok, I have to go to the party now. Ugh.  And everyone is really drunk right now and I am really sober and sneezing and watering eyes.   H went straight from work and is sitting over there in is suit so I am now obligated to go and bring him shorts.

    Good night all!
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  • Night Sascha! Try to have fun :)
  • Aw have fun! Maybe it will cheer you up a bit :)
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