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    Hi Duds! I'm in and out. Just finished taking the Christmas ornaments off of the tree. That makes me sad.

    How are you?
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    I haven't even thought about taking down any Christmas stuff. It probably won't get done until after New Year's.

    To be honest, I'm not good. I've had a rough couple of days.
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    I am just lurking but I have a good ear. So fire away.
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    What's going on? Why have you had a rough couple of days? If you don't feel comfortable talking about it here, you can PM or FB me.
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    My nephew had to be rushed to the hospital on Christmas. He wasn't able to keep anything down all day, and in the evening his fever spiked, he began shaking uncontrollably, his lips turned blue.. he had a seizure. We were in the ER for 5 hours. He' s only 2 and he is liable to have it happen again. They kept him overnight. He's doing better, but still pretty out of it.

    Then, my brother and my SIL found a dog running along our town's busiest road at 3:30am on Saturday. She's obviously been abused. But since they don't live in town, they brought her to our house and she's been staying here. She's just the sweetest dog and wouldn't hurt a fly. I would like to keep her, but our situation just doesn't allow for it. And if our local ARF is full, and we can't find her a home, my brother and SIL are considering the idea of taking her to the pound where she is likely to be put down. It just breaks my heart..
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    Oh duds, that's just terrible. Not a fun Christmas at all. I'm so glad that your nephew is doing better. Do they know what was wrong with him or what caused the seizure. Bless his little heart.

    That poor dog too. I just can't imagine how people can hurt animals.
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    He had a febrile seizure. I guess they only happen in children aged 6 mos - 6 yrs. They occur if a fever gets too high. I hated seeing him like that. He had these IV's and oxygen all hooked up to him. He's here right now, opening all of gifts that he didn't get to open on Christmas. It's good to see him happy and lively.

    We gave the dog a bath last night and tried to groom her some because she was so matted. We had to cut off a lot of fur since it was unwashable. She looks better, but still could be cleaned up more. She can't hear very well either. So we don't know if she lost her hearing or if her ears are clogged since she hasn't been taken care of.
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    I am very sorry to hear about your nephew, and glad that he is doing better. It seems to not have been a very fun Christmas for a lot of people. As far as the dog is concerned, maybe try your local board to find a home near you? Or a friend/neighbor/family member? I understand about situation not allowing, my mom is "long term babysitting" my cat ( for the last two years) due to my living arrangements.

    I think that a New Year is in order for everyone this time around.
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    Poor little ones. Do they know what caused the fever? The good news is that kids bounce back pretty easily if there is nothing serious going on. I'm glad that he's enjoying his Christmas presents. What did he get?
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    I think we may post or ask around about any potential owners for the dog.

    We still have no idea what caused the fever. The doctors just concluded that it was some kind of bug most likely. As far as gifts, haha what didn't he get. Cars, a mini hockey table, a set of golf clubs (real ones), a big tonka truck, a track for his cars.. I really could go on and on lol
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    Thats so sad dudley, I hope your nephew is going better?

    Is there any way you could advertise through friends to find the dog a home and keep him for a week or two until you find somewhere? I wouldnt suggest adverting online, but maybe through friends on FB or something?
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    My SIL has been advertising through FB. She texted me not too long ago, and may have found a potential owner and we will know more tomorrow. I hope something works out.

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    Sorry about your crappy Christmas, Duds.  I hope your nephew feels better and that you find a home for the dog.  If this potential owner doesn't work out, you may want to post on the Pets board on the Nest.  They may be able to offer some ideas.
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    Thats great duds, I hope it does work out. I have a special place in my heart for animals, especially ones that are mistreated. Please update whether or not you find her a home.
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    Dudley, where in Indiana?  I know there are some rescue organizations in IN, KY, TN, & OH that work together to get new homes for dogs & transportation to their new home from volunteers.  Do you know what kind of dog?
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Anybody here?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Dudley, where in Indiana?  I know there are some rescue organizations in IN, KY, TN, & OH that work together to get new homes for dogs & transportation to their new home from volunteers.  Do you know what kind of dog?
    Posted by squirrly[/QUOTE]

    I'm in Muncie. We still aren't sure what kind she is. She looks like a bichon,.white terrier and/or a larger maltese. We just don't know.
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