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Good idea or bad?

Hey ladies,
I'm having a casual-ish, outdoor backyard wedding. I saw this at Michaels(on sale for 10 bucks), and was thinking it might be fun for the kids? There will be 5 or 6, from 2-6 years old. 
It's a cardboard house, I figured we could put it on the lawn with a bucket of washable crayons and let the kids go to town? 

What do you think? 
ETA, do you think it would look out of place at a wedding?

Re: Good idea or bad?

  • Honestly, you had to ask us if you should pay $10 for some kids entertainment?  It's $10, just freaking buy it.  
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  • I would be all over that one.  It is a no-brainer girl!
  • I could honestly see that entertaining a few kids for quite some time.

  • Dude... that would entertain my BMs and me for a good length of time! I think it's awesome, go for it.
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  • I think I need that. For me.
  • Sweet thanks peeps. I think it would be fun, but I was kinda worried that parents would worry about their kids getting messy or something? Lots of yes votes though so I'll go get it tonight :)
  • hmmm I need a new house in a month.  you said $10 right?

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    [QUOTE]I think I need that. For me.
    Posted by mandapanda78[/QUOTE]

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  • And it's really warm, no heating in the winter needed!  I told Fi we should buy a bunch for the homeless ;)
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    [QUOTE]Dude... that would entertain my BMs and me for a good length of time! I think it's awesome, go for it.
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    This.  exactly.
  • Ghoti, link?  My kids would love this, I want one. 
  • It's 10 bucks, get it. 
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  • Be sure to put out washable markers or whatever and it will be great.

  • Go for it. I would just worry that my drunk friends would get a hold of the crayons and go to town turning it into a house of ill repute, but that's just my friends. :)
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  • Mel and Todd Show, it's at Michaels, I couldn't find it online, but it's with there "project" stuff :/:D
  • I got one of these for my niece for Christmas this last year. She's four and she loved it. My only complaint was that only markers worked on it (not  crayons or colored pencils) and the surface is pretty slick so it takes a while for the markers to dry. Be prepared for LOTS of marker covered hands and clothes. Also it's surprisingly light, so if it's going to be outside I'd definitely try to shelter it from the wind.
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