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my FI and i will already be married legally long before our actual wedding.  we would really love if one of my relatives acted as officiant. Since we will already be married, and as we are having the wedding later when we can afford a lovely wedding, does that family member have to get ordained? I'm assuming not since we will already be husband and wife officially. I know this seems a bit unorthodox.

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    Well you will have a wedding the day you get married . the other may be a vow renewal or just a farce. Either way it actually is not a wedding thus the person does not need to be able to legally wed you. So any actor can fill teh role in your farce
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    Since you will already be married, there's no reason for the officiant to be ordained.  It can be anyone that just wants to stand up there and go through the motions.
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    Since you aren't actually getting married as long as the person can read and/or memorize what you want them to say then anyone can do it. Just so you know, your actual wedding is the ceremony you have that makes your marriage legal.  Your do-over wedding is not a wedding at all. 
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    You can have a vow renewal (although I think those are reserved for milestone anniversaries, not financial ones) or an anniversary party.You can't have a wedding.  You've had you actual wedding "long before" the theatrical production that you're calling your "wedding".  Weddings don't come with do-overs.So the answer is, no one doesn't have to be ordained to perform in a play or a musical.
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    Oh, don't be so judgemental ladies!  We don't know what sort of financial/life situation she may have to deal with, so it's still her day even if it isn't going to play out in the standard way.  Since you don't need any documents signed at the second, bigger ceremony, you don't need a real officient.  It doesn't have any legal regulations to follow, its just for you and your husband, family and friends really.  Sometimes families need to make it feel official by celebrating together like that. 
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