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No Kids drama

My fiance and I decided to have an adults only wedding over a year ago when we first got engaged.  Because of that we opted not to have a flower girl and ring bearer.  But now it is becoming an issue.  My mom thinks it's okay to have my twin cousins (who are 7) there because they're my cousins...and my brother's new baby who will be give or take 6-8 weeks old.  I'm against both because for one: my brother is in the wedding party so I feel it would be nicer for the spouse to have the other grandma keep the baby for the day?  (Also don't want crying to be an issue at the ceremony)  And as for my twin cousins, well...they're kids!  My mom's family is close, and she feels this will upset them and people will be hurt by our choice.  We don't need the other side of the family thinking "Well these kids are here why did I have to hire a babysitter?"  I don't think anyone would actually approach us and question us, but to me, it would just appear rude on my family's part. 

We are trying to stand firm on our decision with no kids it's all or none, otherwise it's just not fair.  I feel like any way you cut it theres a chance of offending someone somehow.  Any advice?  I'm stressing out about this because it's just another problem thrown in my plans ... (I'm down to 2 months until the wedding and I just had to figure out alternate plans because I had a bridesmaid back out last week)
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