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What is going on? Warning: Melissophobiacs beware!

How's your evening going?  I am watching The Proposal and drinking margaritas.  
My random kitty friend stopped by early for his food tonight and I watched my neighbor get attacked by wasps.  There are more bees and wasps in front of my house to kill a small man.  Here is a pic I took earlier today:
DSC_0351-1.jpg picture by weddingpicskellyadam
That is WAY too many bees for my comfort level.

Re: What is going on? Warning: Melissophobiacs beware!

  • I am watching RHONJ reunion special and integrating my new wedding pics into my siggy.

    Wasps are mean.
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  • Yeesh, way too many bees/wasps in that picture.

    I'm just working on my crochet baby blanket and watching (use that term loosely) Dh play Madden 11. Tomorrow is my last day of freedom before work, bleh. I think Dh is more upset about that than I am though. He's definitely enjoyed having a sahw for the last 2 months.
  • Ohh love the new pic!  
  • I'm bored and should be in bed. I have to be at work at 7am. H is at work, and I don't like going to bed alone.
  • Do you like the one in there now or....

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  • Yeah, the front of our townhouse is brick, and they put these stupid shutters on them, so naturally, that is a perfect place for the bees to make their little bee houses.  And then they plant bushes in the front of our house that attract bees.  I may or may not have to kill that plant.
  • Andy why havent you made a weddng bio yet? Love the new siggy!
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  • On a side note, the new season of Dancing With the Stars looks to be a hot mess.
  • I am terrified of bees. This post was just mean, putting a picture of them with no warning.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: What is going on?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I am terrified of bees. This post was just mean, putting a picture of them with no warning.
    Posted by arbolita[/QUOTE]
    Me too!  I will fix the title :)
  • I love the picture of you in the boat!

    I'm making my first meal in the new house, living here alone until we get married.  I'm also wondering why my dog doesn't want to use her brand new Porch Potty and looks at it as a new place to sit on the patio.
  • *shudder* I'm terrified of bees too. But I clicked anyway, because I apparently enjoy punishing myself.

    I would be getting all Raid Crazy on those fuuckers. But that's just me.
  • Yeah, I've had our association remove their nests quite a few time - they just keep coming back, so I gave up.  I don't really mind them if they leave me alone.  Once they come near me I totally freeze up.
  • Ugh I PANIC when a bee comes near me. I know I'm supposed to remain calm and if I keep my head about me, I'll just freeze and shut my eyes. But I'm still terrified. I sometimes wonder if I have a phobia because I've been known to act like those people you see on TV who get all wonked out when they're near whatever it is they're afraid of.
  • I have always been afraid of them.  Then one summer I was a day camp counselor.  I was cleaning up the room one day, and picked up a styrofoam cup that someone had turned upside down on the table.  And, BAM, stung in the neck by a bee.  Why would someone DO that?  I'm pretty sure that one incident is why I don't think I want children.  They are evil.
  • My mom is apparently a bee magnet. Dad and I will shoo them away from us successfully, but any time a bee is within 10' of her it will come over and sting her. She completely freezes and then panics when it lands which doesn't help :( I just wish they would stop landing on her head or the collar of her shirt!
  • Yay! I think I'll keep the boat one.  We had so many great pics its hard to choose (but it makes me feel better about how wrinkled my dress was).

    Its very important to try and stay calm.  I think to myself that they will only sting me if they are mad/scared because I think they die shortly thereafter.  Here is proof:
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  • I wish I would have known what "Melissophobiacs" meant before I clicked in, but I also know that I'm a very curious person and would have clicked anyway. :(
  • Yeah I had to google it, I have a good friend Melissa, so I would have thought it meant something quite different.
  • True story, I was attacked by bees (or wasps) once.

    I was mowing grass at an old farm when I was maybe 16, and ran over a hive/nest that was in the ground.  Yeah... they were pissed.  And they were ALL over me.  Luckily I was only stung twice, once and my arm and once on my finger. 

    But I think the fear from it all shaved a couple years off my life.
  • That is yet another reason why I do not cut grass :)
  • Ugh, I hate bees. And wasps. Our boat had a wasp net on the steering wheel when we took it out of storage this summer, and I was terrified. 

    I just got back from orchestra rehearsal. Now watching Kate Plus 8, and then some Big Bang Theory :).
  • yea i would not be happy with that bee situation. i'm watching the RHNJ reunion.
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  • Andy, both pics are gorgeous but I like the boat one for your siggy.

    And your kitten is very handsome (unless it is a girl and then she is pretty)
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    *No pony, no I do!*
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