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Bridal Procession Song

My fiance and I are both into music and are trying to personalize our ceremony in terms of using non-traditional songs during our ceremony. The wedding party will be entering to The Beatles - All You Need is Love (the actual recording, not an instrumental version) and I am debating a number of songs for my procession almost all of which have lyrics. We are getting married at our hall (not in a church/temple) so there are no restrictions in that sense, but many of our friends and family seem shocked that we would use songs with lyrics in our ceremony. Am I missing something? Is anyone else doing something similar?

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    We are having a string quartet play popular music rather than classical music (see my post a few down for song selections). As far as lyrics, I think it can sometimes sound a little tacky to just play the true version of the song with lyrics, especially when you can find instrumental versions of most songs... but that is just me. It is your wedding so if these songs have special meaning to you and you want to play them then you should.
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    We used songs with lyrics for thw seating of the mothers, the wedding party, the bridal processional, and the recessional.  I don't think its weird at all.  We love music but classical music just isn't our thing.  Here are the songs we used to give you some ideas: seating of the mothers: In my Life by The Beatles wedding party: Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a wonderful world bridal processional: Sea of Love by Cat Powers I've just seen a face by The Beatles
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    We're thinking of using the lyrics since the songs we're thinking about mean something to us and people can't always tell the song from the instrumental version.  It's up to you and how much the actual words of the song mean to you and your FH.
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    In my brother's wedding last year, they had "Beautiful As You"  by Jim Brickman played and sang.  It has awesome words and I didn't think it was weird or anything.  I'm just doing the traditional bridal march, tho.
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    We are using "Songbird" by All Angels during the bridal party procession. It's accoustic and beautiful. Literally sounds like angels singing. I heard it by accident and was blown away. I hadn't really thought of doing "untraditional" music for the wedding before, and I am so excited now that we are able to make it unique.  We are thinking of using "Hope Now" by Addison Road for the recessional. Good luck!

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