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I am getting married in a Catholic church and for anyone that knows you make a donation to have it in the church.  I was wondering do you then on top of that tip the priest and if so, how much?  I also would like to know if you use the church music people it that extra and do you tip them as well? 


Re: tipping

  • You do not tip the priest.  I would tip the musician if you are happy with the music they provide.
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    We did not give the priest and deacon any more than what was recommended. We used the church organist and paid the fee that the church had set. We did not tip her, either. However, we did use a cantor that charged $50 and I think we may have given her a bit extra, but I honestly can't remember bc H Grandma took care of all the church fees.

    OP: there is a Catholic board here on TK as well should you need it in the future
  • We will be paying the church fees (pastor, verger, altar guild, organist) that are required with no extra tips.  We will also be making a donation to the church since there is no set fee for it.  However, tipping is always welcome if you think one of these people did a super job for you.
  • My parents just made a donation to the church for their wedding, and any fees associated. If you feel like they did an exception job then tip, but you don't HAVE to.
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