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Hello ladies, In the midst of planning our wedding in Las Vegas (where we have lived for the past 5 years) my fiancee and moved across to the country to NYC. I purchased my dress in Las Vegas but, due to timing, wasn't able to have the dress altered or fitted prior to our move. Our wedding is October 6 and I need to have my dress altered (nothing major - the neckline changed to sweetheart, which I was told was fairly easy; have the lining let out about 3/4 inch in the hip; and have the top taken in). I am looking for reputable dress maker, tailor, etc. that is still reasonably priced. We live in Midtown and don't have a car, so somewhere easily accessibly by cab (as I don't think I can carry my dress on the train!). Please let me know if you have any recommendations or contact information! Thanks!

Re: Dress Alterations

  • Try contacting the Wedding Dresser (you can google her).  I'm not sure if she travels to Manhattan but she does try to go to the brides.
  • I just had an appointment with Ellen's Couture last weekend.  My wedding is at the end of October and they didn't seem concerned about the timing.  They are located on the Upper West Side so it would be easy for you to get there.
  • Wilfred's Tailoring: 277 5th Ave. at 30th St.
  • Thanks ladies. I have an appointment tomorrow evening at Ellen's. 
  • Julia and Xtine, were you happy with Ellen's? What work did you have done on your dress, and if you don't mind my asking, how much did they charge?
     I'm picking up my dress (Wtoo Bristol) next week and have an appointment there just after I get the dress. I got my dress at Lovely Bride and they recommended Slate NYC, but it has terrible yelp reviews!
    Jrkubr, how was Wilfred's?
  • The Wedding Dresser works out of an apartment in Brooklyn in a bad neighborhood. Brides Beware!! As soon as I told her my budget, she kicked me out of her apartment and told me she doesn't do anything less $1000 anymore. She then followed up with an email apologizing for her behavior. I guess her rent was due.
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