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My parents hosting the wedding, but I don't want to leave FI's parents names off the invitations either because that seems rude??  Any ideas??  Thanks ahead of time!
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Re: Invitation Wording

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    Either "together with their parents" or

    Mr. and Mrs Your parents
    request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter,
    Meganne's FI,
    son of FI's parents...
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    Ditto brooke's latter option ("son of...")

    But I would also clear it with your parents as well, since they are hosting. I would want to do the same thing for H's parents and I think it's nice that you are.

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    PERFECT!!! I love your 2nd option Brooke and totally think I will be using that one. I just typed all out and it sounds great. Now just have to get the approval from mom Cool
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    We used brooke's second suggestion.
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