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Planning Wedding from Overseas

I am trying to plan a wedding for October from across the Atlantic and need help!  We're not looking to spend too much but still want a beautiful wedding and reception with our family and friends.  Does anyone have recommendations for where to have the reception?  Caterers?  DJs?  We are looking at getting married in Brooklyn - probably about 100 people? Thank you! 

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    Do you have a venue yet for Brooklyn?  That could determine your inital cost for food.
    NY weddings start at about $60 per person plus tax & service charge (not always including liquor).  Also, buffet is also cheaper because you don't have to pay for a large waitstaff.

    Right off the back, I can think of
    Buckley's (  This is further out and very elegant, but not a huge commercial catering hall, so more reasonable than most.

     Water Street Restaurant (  This is closer to NYC and more laid back atmosphere.

    Sunday early afternoon or Thursday evenings tend to be cheaper because most folks want a weekend wedding.

    email me if you need more info.  

    Good luck!

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    Hey!! Im a freelance makeup artist and I would Love to offer my services to you on your wedding day. I offer great rates for the Bride and Bridal party. Please contact me anytime at 347871GLAM OR Email
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    Roulette! As opposed to the spots listed above, Roulette is located in Downtown Brooklyn but super close to everything. Extremely beautiful interiors. Check it out!
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    I'd honestly look into someone to help you out. I have a young planner/ coordinator that would definitely help for an affordable price. Trust me- SO worth looking into. She's having a referral special so if I refer people I get something added onto my wedding package and so does the person referred. If you contact her PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell her you were referred by Jess!!
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