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XP Am I being catty?

Long story short. We are having a luncheon this Sunday for our 2 families to meet. My fiance's family lives 2 1/2 hours away and my mom is in a nursing home here and she doesn't leave too often. This is a big deal for us. It's the first time our 2 families are meeting before our wedding in June and we tried to keep the list to 25 people. Ok, so my FSIL(whom constantly feels the limelight should be on her) recently, and I mean less than a week ago, got a BF (I use the term BF very loosely. They just saw each other for the first time last week after he moved in with her from Hawaii) She has stated that she will come only if she can bring her new BF and introduce him to the family. Not a single person at this luncheon has met him yet, not even my FMIL. I'm so pissed that she is (once again) turning what was supposed to be an exciting and simple meet and greet into a day about her. I don't even know how to introduce him to MY family. My BFF says to be the bigger person and be cordial and accomadating. Am I overreacting?
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