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Wedding Blocks- Worth it and WHERE?!

Anyone found some deals with reserving wedding blocks? Part of me thinks f-it people can prob find better deals on travel sites, but I know many will expect/ want it and not have the "hassel" to search a full 10 minutes to find a deal.

We're getting married in Dec (yikes! Prime peak season for hotels) at the Metropolitan Bldg in Long Island City.

So... any ideas in Manhattan, east side (near QB bridge)??? What kind of deals have you found?

Re: Wedding Blocks- Worth it and WHERE?!

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    I found this whole process equally frustrating. Many of the places that were affordable could not guarantee a rate better than the one on Expedia! I ended up recommending a handful of hotels and mentioning where I found the best rates (expedia, hotel website, etc) via our wedding website. was a great resource; it allows you to filter by location, price, and user ratings.

    My friend was married last year and was able to get a good group rate at the Intercontinental Barclay, but it took some negotiating skills. I personally was not up for haggling, so I took the recommendation route. Best of luck!
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    try really helped me!
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    Thanks ladies! I've actually found some decent rates from Hudson and Ravel (in LIC). Very excited about Hudson as it's such a slick and modern place (tho looking at actual rooms this week) and Ravel is giving us a great deal on busing our guests to the event. We're getting married in Dec and many hotels I called wouldn't consider a discount due to it being "holiday peak season." I find that line total BS since they can say summer is peak travel season, spring becomes peak, fall is peak marathon, etc. It's NYC-- there are a zillion hotels! give a girl a break!
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    Hi there,

    I am having the exact same problem - we're getting married in the city on December 2nd which is the craziest weeked hotel wise.  We just came back from seeing the Hudson hotel which was ok...the rooms were super small and we didn't get the price we wanted, but I think our plan is to search the sites and just keep calling.

    Where are you getting married?  And are you arranging transportation for your guests?

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