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  • Hey, I started to reply to the PM, but decided to just reply here- several people have been curious

    My sig is part of a project against the constitutional amendment North Carolina has up for vote on May 8th that will not only amend the constitution to state that marriage is between a man and a woman only, but will also ban all domestic partnerships/civil unions.  North Carolina has 222,000 families that are domestic partnerships or civil unions, this amendment would result in loss of health insurance and rights to make medical decisions for those families.  Children of unmarried couples could lose insurance if they're on their father's plan.  It could also result in the loss of domestic violence protections for unmarried victims and it could lead to prior convictions being overturned.  
  • Oh!  I thought it might be something like that but wasn't sure.  Neat sig!
  • Thanks!  Voting is one thing where facebook activism could actually make a difference, so hopefully it will!
  • Muni, 

    I've actually got a lesbian friend who was just proposed to last week - they live in NC. I didn't realize this was going on. So lame. 
  • It is lame.  North Carolina is generally the most progressive state in the South.  In the larger cities there seems to be very little support for the amendment, but who knows will happen out in the country.  I see Vote FOR signs all over the boonies.
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    [QUOTE]Is that y'all in the picture?
    Posted by LDYGTR13[/QUOTE]

    <div>Yeah, it is.  There was a photo project that took pictures of around 5,000 people in the Vote Against shirts.  There's going to be an art installation downtown this weekend of all of the photos.  </div>
  • Well luckily there aren't many PEOPLE in the boonies :) Hopefully everything turns out.
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