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My fiance and I are doing pre cana through the arch diocese of NYC -- we're doing the two Saturday seminars option and tomorrow is our second part.  The first part was literally just one guy talking the whole time.  Wondering if anyone's been to Part II and if it's going to be the same thing -- a lecture.

Thanks for any info!

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    When we went one day was this guy talking about God in our relationship and natural family planning. (It was really boring at the time but now I wish I paid closer attn to the NFP part)

    The other day it was a couple and it was more about our relationship with each other and we filled out questionaires about our expectations, whether we want kids, what we like and don't like about each other (and stuff like that) that we then sat down and compared them with our FI to make sure that we really know what's going on and making sure that we're open with each other and know what we're getting into.  It was much better than the God-in-our-relationship day.
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    We are not going till march. Did they keep you the entire time?

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    Thanks for the info!  We've definitely been to the one with the guy talking the whole time. He did let us go early, which was nice.

    Does the second one with the couple go the whole time until 4:30 pm or do they let you out early too? 

    Also, did they give you a certificate at the end of the second one you went to?

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    Our first day was a couple who ran the session.  They separated us after discussing each topic and had us answer questions.  Then we had to come together again and compare and discuss answers.  Very psychology based.  We got out early.

    The second part, I was told would be about NFP but we ended up  having a crazy lady who drilled propoganda into our heads for about 6 hours straight.  She didn't mention anything about NFP except for a pamphlet that she handed out at the end.  We did not get out early this day and we did get a certificate.  I don't think I got a typical Part II experience.
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    The Brooklyn-Queens Diocese has another option that we are going to do - which is two-hour sessions for three consecutive weeks, which sounds a lot less painful it being in small doses, Wink lol.
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