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NYC-centric welcome bags?

Hi all,

I'm starting to brainstorm ideas for welcome bags for our out-of-town guests. Wedding's not till August, so I've got some time. Most of my family's from the NY area, or have lived here at some point, but fiance's family is ALL out of town. I want to give them some fun New York stuff without breaking the bank (preferably not "I heart NY" keychains, but rather something they can use through the weekend or beyond). Any thoughts?

I'm thinking mini subway guides and a list of local restaurants to start with...

~Melissa 8.28.10

Re: NYC-centric welcome bags?

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    Hi!  I did NYC welcome bags but they were food based but for some ideas we included...
    Black & White Cookie
    NY Deli Potato Chips
    Ferrara Candies (my new last name is Ferrara so it fit)
    York Pepermint Patty
    5th Ave Candy Bar
    I heart NY mints
    NY lottery ticket

    Also bottled water.  They came out very cute and everyone enjoyed them.
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    I would definitely include a I love ny tee shirt.  

    Try here for ideas

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    We did tote bags that had our subway stop on them and filled them with:

    Water bottles
    Apples (this is the big apple, after all)
    I heart NY tee shirts
    Time Out NY visitor guide
    Rosebud salve and mints from C.O. Bigelow
    Snacks - pretzels, chips, granola bars
    Chocolate bars from Dylan's Candy Store in our wedding colors
    Tissue packs with bride & groom on the tissues
    Small subway map

    I think that's it.  They were very popular. 
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    One way to save dough is to order a bunch of the free NYC maps/visitor guides that the city puts out:

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    We used plain white paper gift bags with handles and printed stickers witih the I "heart" NY symbol on them with our names and dates. 

    We had: (per guest in the room)
    a bottled water
    an apple
    Black and White cookie
    5th ave candy bar
    york peppermint patty

    Economy candy makes chocolate taxicabs and statue of liberty, might be a nice addition.  Some folks have done I heart NY tshirts that they got for ~$1 each in chinatown, lots of people have gone to the NY&Co headquarters and given free city map/guides.
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    I designed NYC-themed tote bags through the site  that were very affordable and came out great.

    Inside, we're putting:
    -an apple
    -5th avenue candy bar
    -packet of tylenol
    -map of subway
    -bus tour information pamphlet
    -granola bar
    -bag of pretzels
    -bottled watter (i designed the labels with our monogram on some, i love ny on some)
    -magnets using our engagement pics or i love ny (this was a really cheap, fun DIY project - you glue a tiny picture to a clear round glass bead and put a magnet on the back, they turned out to be so adorable)
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    Thanks so much, everyone!!! These are awesome ideas...I'll definitely hit up the city tourist agency to get the free guides/maps!
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