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In need of an affordable wedding planner

Hey everyone,

I recently became engaged two weeks ago and even though the wedding won't happen until Spring 2014, I want to start looking at wedding planners now.  I'm the type of person who gets stressed out by planning my birthday so a wedding will be even more of a challenge. My fiance and I haven't really started working on our budget just yet but I know it'll be relatively modest.  If anyone could recommend any wedding planners that offer partial planning or are just decently priced, I would really appreciate it. Also, do wedding planners charge at a set rate or is it determined by the amount of hours they work?  Thanks in advance!!

Re: In need of an affordable wedding planner

  • You should check out Event Remembered,
    Awesome service!
    Good luck!

  • we are working with Elite(b)Events and they are not only affordable but great!
    also if you want to be a more hands on bride they have  affordable packages put together to take the hassel and stress off of things. they have full pricing and pictures on their facebook page.

  • We hired Sara Kate Events and they were amazing at our wedding!  Katie was super sweet and so easy to work with.  She took care of everything on the day of and then lots of elements leading up to our wedding also.  She was seriously one of my favorite vendors and I highly recommend her.  
    Her website is:
  • I think the concept of what is "affordable" is relative.  I was only looking for a day-of coordinator and received two quotes: one for 6k and one for 2-3k.  I ended up asking a family friend who lives in Colorado and has experience managing a startup to do day-of coordination.  She is charging me the cost of a flight + $150!  Point being...any good planner you know can do this if you truly are on a tight budget and you need to be creative (and if for some reason you want to reach out to my planner, I'll be happy to provide her info!)
  • I used Lauren Paige Associates. She is based out of Orange County, NY but she travels near and far! She is doing an event this weekend in the city. I hired her for day of coordination but she also has other packages available that you can use to determine what suits your needs. She has partial and full planning available. I decided to plan my whole wedding myself to save the money but I didnt want to bother with any problems or stresses on the day of, so I hired her for that. Even though she was "day of" she was so much more than that! I met with her two or three times before my date, she took me shopping to her supplied wholesalers to buy products for my reception, she came to my rehearsal at the church (nearly an hour away from her office), she answered my crazy emails every week. She handled so many of the minor mishaps on the day of! I would totally recommend her!
  • Deena Kleinman (917) 597-7635
  • My friend Dominique is fabulous. She's a good friend and I will probably be calling on her for my upcoming wedding.
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