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DJ and Florist ideas? NYC wedding (upscale rustic feel...)

Long Island City Bride here! Getting married at Water's Edge 5/25/14! Just booked! 

I have no idea on DJs or a Florist and am looking for ideas! I'm planning super early, but its a holiday weekend so I don't want to be stuck. I have no idea what the average DJ costs in our city or florist. 

I'm looking on the cheaper side, but quality. Its important for a DJ to read the crowd and keep them dancing. Nothing cheesy, please. 

Florist-wise i'm looking for someone who thinks outside the box. The feel i'm going for is an upscale rustic inn. (Peach and Burgundy Colors) I have this crazy idea of putting the centerpieces ontop of a small stack of books. (of things of my fiance and my interest). 

I don't want orchids or calle lillies...... more roses, peach anenome, gerber daisies, fiddle headed ferns, dahlias....... MAYBE* peonies.. garden looking. 

I also want to stay in a lower budget if possible........ 

ANY ideas i'd be super thankful! 

Re: DJ and Florist ideas? NYC wedding (upscale rustic feel...)

  • i know Elite(b)Events is does packages for both flowers and dj's and just about everything else. they have very reasonably priced packages. theres full pictures and pricing on their facebook page 

    i hope this helps
  • I used city iris. They did an amazing job on the flowers and def will work with the idea you have in mind and budget friendly. Dj we used John Sinclair dj aria melody. Really great. Doesn't get in the way. No gimmicks. Just works with you on playlists for each part of the night.
  • I am also a water's edge bride - getting married may 4th

    We are using a great DJ ---very reasonable
    Anthony is his name and his email is [email protected]

    For Flowers we went with Flowers by Burton out in Melville
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