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  • See, it's different if your OWN nails grow. You get used to them as they grow on the keyboard. Mine are semi-long now. But, when you stick fakes on there all of a sudden, it's weird for a few days.
  • I paint my nails to keep from biting them, but I've never had fake nails. I think it would feel really weird.
  • I'm currently wanting the entire Muppets OPI collection. I keep stalking it on eBay. HARD.
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    [QUOTE]I paint my nails to keep from biting them, but I've never had fake nails. I think it would feel really weird.
    Posted by eirwyn[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>They do feel weird. And they're thicker than normal nails, so it's hard to get a good scratch going if you have an itch. That's the worst.

  • I think I'm just too low maintenance for anything with my nails.

    You know how low maintenance I am? Yesterday I was trying to figure out how to make my ponytail stay neat and no flyaways since I had a job interview. I completely forgot that hairspray was invented for such things. I only used to use it for dance performances but still had some in my random crap. It is embarassing how much I forget about random beauty products.
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    [QUOTE]To me, it's not even the length of the nails that bothers me.  It's the increase in thickness. 
    Posted by Holly4212011[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>SEE?! I know, right? It's hard to get a good scratch going.

  • I NEVER use hairspray. EVER. I come to work with my hair wet and it just air dries. I get jealous of pretty hair, but I'm too lazy to bother with it. I LOVED having a bob, but with a bob, you kind of have to do it or it doesn't lay right. Long hair = lazy.
  • I know people don't use it much, but I just lightly sprayed it to keep loose hairs from flying out. I don't know why it took me so long to remember that this is why hairspray was invented.
  • I know nothing about beauty products. My hair gets nothing but shampoo and conditioner, and detangler, and it air-dries. It's just too think and difficult. I didn't know hairspray kept your hair neat. I thought it made your hair big, which has never been a problem for me.
  • Only one more week until you're at an even 6 months, Snail. I wish my ticker would move already. I'm guessing they don't get going until after the one year mark. Go ticker, go.
  • Huh. Well. I learned something today. I thought that all the Texan big-hair ladies used it to make their hair big. Maybe they use it to keep it big.
  • What the eff, I only have one sig pic. What is that random picture box next to it? I don't like this glitch.
  • Yeah I think they tease it, and then use hairspray to keep it that way. It works quite nicely with dance performances because it makes your hair basically a rock. I also had quite a bit in my hair for the wedding so that my curls didn't fall out.
  • o_O Maybe I'm just going bonkers. Or maybe it's a browser thing. Huh.
  • Yeah I don't see anything either, hah.
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    I just figured it out. Can you guys still see my ticker? It disappeared for me and now it's just a failed image box next to my sig for me. I wonder how I fix this. It's going to bug me profusely.

    ETA: I just pulled up another thread and no one else's tickers are showing for me either, they have the same failed image box. Unpleasant.
  • Yeah all looks good here, snail.
  • Man, that means I have to blame it on my computer and not on TK. I hate it when that happens. :)
  • haha. What browser do you use?
  • Google chrome. It usually runs things pretty well... I think!
  • huh weird. I use firefox.
  • I used to use that and never had any problems. I just got used to Chrome and am such a creature of habit... FI's been trying to get me to switch to firefox forever for some reason, I still haven't gotten an answer why that doesn't involve GeekSpeak.
  • Snail--I totally get that. I like this space I'm in. The important stuff is done (venue, ceremony place, photog, dj, etc.) but it's not quite time to do the stuff that might freak me out, like seating charts, invites, flowers, etc. Once it starts, it's gonna go fast. The past 6 months already have gone fast.

    Speaking of big hair, I started watching GCB today. Who watches?
  • Our work interface is all IE. I hate it so, so much.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Hey come and chat.</a>:
    [QUOTE]I use Chrome.  I miss it at work.  I don't want to download it.  I feel I might get in trouble. :-/
    Posted by crfb87[/QUOTE]

    <div>We use Chrome at home.  I want desperately to use it at work but we can't download anything - as in, they've set the protections so it doesn't let us - and no one in IT thinks it's important enough to come download it for me :-(</div>
  • I use Chrome, and everything's cool here.

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    Oh, and Snail, I can see your ticker just fine with Chrome.

    Domino, H and I started watching GCB.  I wasn't thrilled with it at the pilot, but we were bored the other day and watched eps 2, 3 and 4.  By the end we were rolling on the ground.  It reminds us so much of H's family.
  • My ticker just came back! Perhaps it was a temporary glitch. I was just mad because it made my sig off-center and that made me uncomfortable.

    Clearly I am a very stable individual.
  • I love Kristin Chenoweth. LOVE. I was sad when they canceled Pushing Daisies...

    Ok. End of the work day here, guys. G'nite!  
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