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inviting clients to wedding

ive been mulling over this for a few weeks, and just can't decide. im a a hairstylist in a tight community, most my lovely lady clietns come every 4 weeks and have been there to hear our enitre love story. they seem so excited and want to hear all the details of our wedding day. i  would love to invite a few of them, but they all know each other so im worried it will come accross rude for the ones i don't invite. would you invite your close clients and not the others? or inivte all the ones in the same social circle and hope the ones your not clsoe to wont come anyway? 
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Re: inviting clients to wedding

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    I wouldn't, unless you socialize with them outside of the salon.
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  • Completely ditto Duds.  If they're the kind of client you'd grab lunch with or something then go ahead; otherwise, no.
  • I agree with Duds also. Only invite the ones you talk to outside of work.

    We had a similar situation with people that my FI works with. He's in a program at work with 6 other people. He is closer with one person out of the 6, but still doesn't talk to or hang out with any of them outside of work. We just decided not to invite any of them to avoid drama & hurt feelings!

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  • Don't take this the wrong way, but a lot of times I try to sound interested in my stylists' life because I'm just trying to be polite.  It's not that I don't care about her or her life, but we don't socialize, and a 30 minute chat every 4 weeks doesn't exactly make me good friends with someone.  I would never expect to be invited to my stylist's wedding unless I socialized with her outside of the salon setting. Otherwise, I might think she was being gift-grabby by inviting someone random like me to her wedding...
  • You said they are all interested in hearing about your wedding day. Not that they want to be there. I wouldn't invite them..I only envision extra money on plates, the word spreading to those who were not invited, and moving the relationship from one of paying for services to one of friendship...which unforunatly I have seen people take to meaning wanting special treatment/deals when they think they are friends with thier stylists. I would take your albums to work later and let anyone who asks about it or wants to see to look at the pictures, thats all they have asked for (to hear about it), thats all I would give them.

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    Your replies have given me good perspective! thank you...i do socialize with some of them and of course they are already on the guest list. :) 
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  • I don't think that you should invite them unless you socialize with them outside of the salon.

    And I'm not saying that they don't genuinely care about your wedding, but sometimes people just ask about weddings to make conversation.  I know that a lot of people have asked about mine just to be polite and they don't really want or expect to be invited.
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